My head is sore, and there is a hole in the brick wall.

Saturday, July 31

Burnt out. I've thrown myself into work recently- Which was pretty easy, I was training on the Gold Coast and there wasn't much distractions. And I enjoyed doing it. But yesterday, there was another bloody car audio install.
There is a massive difference between training for home automation and fucking around cutting holes in cars. And I certainly prefer the latter.
I just got over it, and wanted to go home, which was a dramatic contrast to not wanting to leave, the day before.
Next week will be spent in Sydney. Home theater, which is somewhere between the two. We'll see how it goes.

I miss her.

Wednesday, July 21

I went along to a Theatersports rehersal tonight. I haven't had a chance to really flow for ages. I'm still not up on the performing side of things, not as driven as I used to be, but talking to other Drama Types was great. Just rambling stories... Taking things in odd directions.

It's refreshing, talking in 'open' statements, leaving something for the other party to build on, rather than a 'closed' statement, saying what you say as fact, final, all there is to it.

Ad the other highlight of the day: My Beyer's arrived!

Monday, July 19

How about we just pretend last week never happened?

Thursday, July 15

There is a mother that catches the same bus as I do, some mornings. Her daughter is disabled, and doesn't have the use of her legs.
Obviously, she doesn't seem to be the cheeriest of children.

I saw her laughing the other day. One of her brothers was pulling faces, or somesuch, and she was giggling like a little Anna. It bought a smile to my face, to see such a thing. The mother, however...

She quickly shushed the two in a very frustrated manner, just like so many other mothers I have seen with so many other children. It's just the same old situation. One or two general, or even major, changes don't make a speck of difference.

Sunday, July 11

All the fun of companionship made me forget the joy of romance.

No, really, I'm not spending all my hours reminiscing. I miss her, and think of her almost every day, but life moves on. I know that, and I've been doing other things as well. Work, mainly.

heh, the other day, I decided that to turn all the lights in the shop on of a morning, one button was not easy enough. So I told the Vantage system to turn everyting on, if it senses movement after 8:30 and before 9:30 AM.

So now, when I start of a morning, all I have to do is move and the lights come on. Home automation is a wonderful thing.

And it's not just for lazy people... I often forget to turn all the various amps, screens, subs, cd/dvd players off of an evening. My next step is to teach all the infrared commands to Vantage, and get it to turn everything off from one button.

Hell, I may as well work out how to hook it up to the alarm system, so when the alarm is activated it all turns off then. Even easier.

Home automation is a wonderful thing.

Sunday, July 4

"Sometimes we love with nothing more than hope. Sometimes we cry with everything except tears. In the end that's all there is: love and its duty, sorrow and its truth. In the end that's all we have- to hold on tight until the dawn."

-Gregory David Roberts, 'Shantaram'

Thursday, July 1

I'm doing OK, I think. She's chatting to me again, which took a lot off my mind. Although it was a very stilted conversation.
I know you don't want to hear me pine, so I'll be quick.
I still think about her constantly. It's the little things- Sasha always used to say she loved the fact I couldn't cook at all but never let that stop me. I kept on trying to prove her wrong. Tonight I made a rocking chicken and rice bake, and the first thing I thought was that I should save some for Sasha. That was a twist of regret I won't forget for a while.
But Spiderbait managed to cheer me up. :)
I went to a theatersports show last night, that was good fun.
And I'm descending further into geekdom- I start playing D&D on Tuesday.

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