My head is sore, and there is a hole in the brick wall.

Sunday, June 27

I had never felt so worthless as I did yesterday. I am no longer even worth an hour of her time...

All I have to remember her is ten lines of text.

Tuesday, June 22

So now I'll try to forget.

Now I'll try to forget the curve of her lower back, and her hip, when I slid my arm around her.

I'll try to forget her hair sliding across her cheek, when she tilted her head, to think over something I said.

I'll try to forget the bounce in her step, when she knew she would only be away from me for a short while.

I'll try to forget all of the different ways she would laugh, and what they meant, both to her and to me.

I had forgotten how hauntingly peaceful it is to cry.

Sunday, June 20

Yeah, it's been a month, but memory is shot so I'll give you last weeks highlights.

My gorgeous came up to Lismore on the long weekend, and it was most excellent. I think I like two people sleeping in a single bed... It forces you to cuddle more. I've been composing a post of sorts to describe that weekend a little better, so I'll let it lie for now.

We put up a 61 inch plasma screen in the demo lounge at work on Tuesday. Productivity immediately fell by seventy percent, and neck strain was up by thirty (due to everyone shaking their heads and muttering 'Fuck that's big.').

No nightlife sales yet. Ah well... They've got me in the shop five days a week on a wage, I don't need the commision anyway, heh heh heh.

The house I'm in, formerly of 7 people altogether, has just reduced to 1 person. Me. And will be so for about a month, bar occasional visits.

Maybe I'll go stir crazy and as a result will post a lot.

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