My head is sore, and there is a hole in the brick wall.

Friday, April 30

Gah. Money.

My leave pay still hasn't come in from my old job, and I don't know when I'll be getting Centerlink payments. Sigh, what shite.

House party tonight, I'm trying to think who to invite, and how to invite them- I don't know anyone, and I can't make calls on my phone. Heh. :)

My posters started going up last night. For those that don't know, I have a *lot* of posters. As well as cut-outs from magazines, comic strips, party fliers, photos, old concert tickets, postcards... My wall is my scrapbook.

The sunlight that I am bravely letting into my room is hitting my computer, and keyboard, and making me appreciate more and more it's translucency. I think I may have to illuminate the keyboard sometime soon. :)

Sunday, April 25

Life has a tendency to make small matters of large things, if you get my drift. So much emotional effort was put into the move to Lismore, and here I am. I don't feel any different- It's just been like a weekend off. For a week.

I only started to think of people back in Coffs last night, when I couldn't sleep after I was awoken with a phone call. Well, I was thinking of people *near* Coffs, to be exact. ;) I missed them terribly, as I knew I would, but I am surprised I didn't miss other things- Home, for one.

Life just kinda keeps going- I like it. It fits in with my philosophy of having fun, and therefore making the best of any situation. Not that this is a bad situation. I know I will grow fonder of this place. Especially when I get some money. :)

Friday, April 16


I've got a massive garbage bag next to me full of years worth of accumulated crap. I've been pretty heavy-handed, even so on the other side is a box overflowing with stuff to keep.

Yes, I'm going... Finally. Got word today. Will be moving off tomorrow.

You're going to hate me for this, because you would have heard this a hundred times too many by now. But find some time to yourself, sit down, and relax. Preferably at night. Get some good headphones. Turn em up so the music is all you hear, close your eyes and do nothing but listen to My Immortal.

Wednesday, April 14

I want to start my own business. Well, technically I have my own business, in fact I should be doing my BAS right now, but I'm not doing anything with it.

So. I want to design lighting shows, and installations.

My business would be what club owners and managers turn to when they want a light show. When a party needs a lighting rig, I'm the one.

I don't think that would be quite enough, though, to sustain an entire business. So I'll do promotion, repairs, hell, maybe even audio. Most of that would probably have to be sub-contracted though- depends on the job.

My second problem- How the hell do I go about it? Maybe that's what I'll do up in Lismore. Enrol in a small business course. Or at least spend hours on the net trying to glean information on what I want. And looking at porn, no doubt. Lotsa porn.


Saturday, April 10

Free piss = good!

Tradeshows are a great source for this kind of thing as well. Much getting tanked on other people's money to be had. It definetley helps your 'networking' as well... It's actually quite difficult to meet people you have no connection with whatsoever, when you are both sober.

Ah, and to think I get paid to do it, as well. It is actually covered under my traineeship (The networking, not the free piss).

The Vista lighting control desk that I was so excited about lived up to expectations, it did everything I thought it might and more. There were a few kinks, and it seems the desk was rushed through development. A few months of people using that one, and a new version will possibly come out with better labeling, more intuitive hardware/software interface, etc. But it's hard to tell if these are really issues without sitting down and doing a show with it.

The best part was the software is not fully developed, and the programmers were actually at the launch party. I had a chance to play with it during the day, and made a few suggestions. I feel special- I'm involved in product development. :)

ShowTechnology weren't actually at the tradeshow, but they had an open day at the factory for their dealers. That is one hell of an impressive showroom. Past reception, down a hallway with Martin Aliens lighting your way in a coulour changing array, with a fibre-optic starred ceiling. A small annex has a couch in front of the Pulsar Chromarange, and then you enter the showroom itself, with several hundred thousand dollars worth of lighting equipment on display, powered up and ready to be demonstrated.

Heaven. *sigh*

Thursday, April 1

I of course work for the people who put on the Hot House Party, an alcohol and smoke free under 18s party. We were discussing ways to increase demand, ie, get more kids. Answer- increase the age group. We went for the older kids.

We figured that we wouldn't be able to get them 'back', because once we lost them, they don't really come back- they tend to turn their nose up.

So we work on who we have now. The year 10 kids we have now, we try and get them to keep coming through year 11.

Why do they go? We already knew- They want to go out and get pissed, they frown on the whole under 18s stigma. They don't like all the little kids running around. They don't like the way the girls dress.

But that wasn't good enough, we had to find out from *them* why they stop going.

So I decided to survey the HHP kids, and find out how to get them to stay.

John explained that I am the only one who could do it... The bosses are too old, no-one has my communimakayshon skills, etc etc. I'm in agreement- It's hard to conduct a good survey.

The best sample would be of course everyone, but that isn't really possible. We figured the smallest sample you could do would be 50. As with any sample survey, you would have to do them indivdually, or answers become a 'group consensus' Unfortuntely, I'm the only one who can do my stage-manager esqe duties at the HHP, and having me gone for over half an hour is dodgy.

So. 50 kids, in half an hour, individually. That's one and a half kids every minute, including time to pick them, and get them somewhere where you can talk.

Interesting problem. And I have two days to figure it (and the questions) out.

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