My head is sore, and there is a hole in the brick wall.

Wednesday, February 25


Possible cost of repairs to car:
$850 (the insurance excess)

Bank account balances:
Day to day account: $264 (I got paid today)
Long term savings account: $4.65 (tee hee)

For everything else, there is Mastercard.

With 1.5 grand owing on it.

Teehee... This should be interesting.

Wednesday, February 18

Quote of the moment:

"I've just been molested by Tutankhamen's horny grandmother! Of course I'm not alright!"

Lister, Red Dwarf episode 7 series 7, 'Epideme'

Tuesday, February 17

Fuck. Four, fucking, miserable, fucking, stinking, fucking weeks.



Sunday, February 15

I've always thought of myself as independent, and not needing to be around others.

But tonight, I was at a party where I knew no-one, and I left rather quickly. And I was quite glad when I got a phone call from someone.

And disapointed when all I recieved on Valentines was a thank you. I enjoy treating people, but I have never been treated on Valentines Day.

Random trivia time: Valentines Day has nothing to do with either of the Saint Valentines. There is no connection with a specific date in either of their lives, or were they known for being a lover, or connected to romance in any way.

But if you want some really interesting historical trivia... Look into how April Fools Day came about. :)

Friday, February 13

It's been a tumultuous few days. I went up to Lismore on Wednesday, expecting to be able to look at the house I will be living in for the next year. I did- But in a roundabout way.

Turns out that our application for 14 Martin Drive, that David and Aaron were so keen on, was forfeited.

Crossed wires and lack of identification, not necessarily in that order, snapped us down.

So after a decent rourting of the rentals manager at Wal Murray and Co ("I came up here expecting to move into a house... Where are your house keys? I still expect to move in somewhere."), we trekked across the countryside looking for other opportunities. One unit had water dripping down the walls, and a laundry that looked suspiciously like a cow feed trough. We heard coughing from the unit two places down, and one of the neighbor's looked like Cousin It. ("Perfect!" David said. "Now let's fuck off!"). A townhouse looked very promising, but the landlord didn't seem to want uni students. So we thought we might try and act like a gay couple when we made the application. Then we figured, it was Lismore.

David, Brett and Aaron used to live in a sharehouse with four others. The plan was for us four to go get a house together, with just us. Me and David could only get two rooms in a sharehouse, and Aaron will have to find his own place. Poor bastard.

Turns out though, that the only two rooms suitably available, were Brett's old bedroom, and David's old bedroom, in the good old sharehouse.

Ah, sweet irony.

After a hectic drive back from Lismore, I attended a family barbeque. Family being aunts, grandparents, sister, mother, etc.

Never thought I'd see the day, when the amount of onion that everyone got, becomes the major talking point over a meal table. Oh, and the after dinner conversation? Wow. Aunty Shirley's holiday caravan got moved near the ablutions block because the people next to them are building a mobile home.

It's great being able to laugh about that kind of thing with my sister. Real bonding...

One worrying point that she bought up was about clothing. You know how people get stuck in a style, and tend to dress like that all the time, from 20 to 40 to 60 years old?

Miniskirts, midriff tops... I hate to think of the retirement homes in 50 years time.


Friday, February 6

I just faxed off the application for the house in Lismore.

I just had a meeting with the bosses, and they gave me a nice offer to try and get me to stay, but I basically told them (after much consideration [and coin-flipping]) that I'm going to do what I want to do, and go to Lismore.

Money is good, but life awaits.

It's hard to leave... In many, many ways I don't want to do it. And I know there is people who I am hurting because I am leaving, and that is a very heavy weight on my mind. One of them in particular I think about often, and now with those once pleasant thoughts is a deep feeling of regret. Sasha, I'm so sorry my darling. I wish it wasn't this way.

Sasha... Mattywaa, Blake, Fannyboy, Moody... Brad... Jasmine, Danielle... Bamford, Squeak, Jess, Lori, Pip... Lilah... Funky, Jezzicat... Terry, Greg, Tony, Zoren... John, Steve, Roxy, Debbie... Chris... Nicky... Farlow...

Mum, my sister.

The property where I grew up, with memories of childhood and my father.

I thank you all, I treasure you, and fare thee well.

I'll probably see you soon enough, anyway. :)

Wednesday, February 4

I often say that some of life's best decisions are made by flipping a coin.

But I don't want to do that this time...

What lies in the balance in essentially two towns. Lismore, or Coffs Harbour.

Coffs has work. Money. Career. I know a good amount of people here. The weather is passable. It has unspoken agreements,

Lismore has change. New people, new challenges. It has my best mate. It has oft-preached agreements.

...I think I may end up flipping a coin.

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