My head is sore, and there is a hole in the brick wall.

Tuesday, December 30

I had a kick ass weekend, that's what made me lose so much sleep.

Isaac came down from Byron, and bought a few of his mates. They came up to Coffs, and we hit the town after a bit of drinking at home. Great lads- Two Scots and an Welshman. It was hard not to grin at them talking. I even found myself imitating their speech- 'That's fookin great that is.'
Imitation is the best flattery.

Got heaps of tunes off one of them, including a lot of Mr. Scruff which I am loving to death. I have a new favourite album people, and it goes by the name of "Keep it Unreal".

New years is going to be stodgy. The last two or three have been excellent, driving around with mates meeting randoms and partying on at my place. This year, however- Dave is spending NYE in Sydney, Isaac is in Byron again... No party peoples around.


Monday, December 29

Argh. Sleep needed.

I have had about ten hours worth of sleep since Thursday night. It's monday afternoon, and my brain is fried. Much work to do. Won't do it. Too lazy.

argh save me, tea!

ps, Mark Dynamix kicks Kid Kenobi.

Monday, December 22

I don't remember my dreams very well, so I keep a notebook next to my bed, with a pen as a bookmark. As soon as I wake up and remember my dream, I try and write as much as I remember as fast as possible. The combination of sleepyness, fast writing, and semi-darkness make it the most incomprehensible text you have ever seen.

I managed to decipher this much, one of the more odd entries...

"Had a party at my place," (in the dream) "heaps of people showed. There was plastic hippos, about a meter long, in cow print, doing rounds of the pool. Me and Isaac went upstairs to watch some TV, stayed there for hours, and everyone left. The lounge room turned into this club, with models of insects that would fly overhead on wires. The entrance was backlit with this cool soft red. A friend turned up, and had a big shower tap belted onto his side."

Some interesting shite happens in my dreams. I don't know where my brain gets all this material.

Sunday, December 21

Requiem for a Dream.

That is one helluva twisted movie. I like it.

It's... bad.

Thursday, December 18

A country road. A tree.


Tuesday, December 16

After a huge succession of small balls-ups turned my Friday and Saturday morning into a cacophony of curses I eventually worked it all out and got down to Nambucca for lunch at my sisters new cafe. She just took over an existing cafe, and got a good employee to manage the restaurant.

The event started as a chance for Zoe Dingle, a daughter of one of Mum's old friends from the property, to show us her eighteen month old baby. She lives in Melbourne, and rarely gets to visit all her old friends from Tamban.

The event ended up as a reunion of about thirty people, many of whom I grew up with, but haven't seen for at least five years. Damian was the biggest surprise, It's been about eight years since I've seen him, and he is just a champ. He's been wandering around Arnhem Land for the past few years, and had just been to see his boys up near Gympie.

Both Damian and Zoe are great people... It is rare to see someone so full of breath, people with so much life in them. Seeing the extreme delight on Zoe's face as she caught up with all her old friends was just short of exhilarating. And Damian actually has a sparkle in his eyes.

It was wonderful hearing them talk about their children, and to reflect back with my childhood hoodlums and remember the days spent running around the bush hunting yabbies, camping out, eel fishing, swimming in the creek and swinging from the trees.

I could go on talking for ages about this, but I have invoices to chase and equipment to catalouge.

Thursday, December 11

I was just wandering around my room, totally frustrated for something to do, but annoyed by whatever I did. I didn't feel like chatting, and really did not want to get my head into coding this page some more. I started doing pushups to pass the time but got soon got lethargic. Went for a run but didn't get very far before turning back. Was just about to start rearranging my room, when I started jumping around to Linkin Park.

Then I spent a few minutes dancing, to various styles of music.

Much better now. :)

Summer gives me the sweating shits.
People have christmas parties, end of year parties, new years eve parties... Schools are on holiday, uni is on break. So people party more. Which means that people book more disco's and DJs, and therefore I have to work harder.
Deadlines start piling up- things to be done in pubs and clubs before the Christmas trading period.
Sunstroke, sunburn.
I may have to start wearing shorts. Which means I need to go out and buy some.
Which brings me to my other point. I'm broke. Very broke.
I recieved my pay yesterday- 230 dollars, for last week. Thirty five went to pay off some stuff I bought from JLE. Fifty went towards my board for the week. One hundred went to last months phone bill. Twenty came out for lunch over the next few days. Doesn't leave much to live off- or to pay off my credit card.
Donations, anyone?

Friday, December 5

Welcome to my new weblog. I got fed up with Radio Userland. It was like America- Powerful, but woefully unusable.
I feel like this is almost a sellout. Ads- I hate ads. And it's so cheesy, having a 'blogger' address. But I have to admit, the url is much nicer.
I suppose this will do until I find an excuse to get pok.net. pok.net would be very cool.

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